New for 2022!!

We are excited to announce that we will be selling
patterns for our exclusive dog diapers,
clothing, and accessories.  

Be the first to know when we launch our new patterns

With two pieces, you'll have many opportunities to create a good fit.


Cheeto & Chankla from FL

 easy on, easy off design

Simply attach the bottom piece to the top piece and snap on your dog to use. No buckles. No straps. No hassles.

Unsnap the collar and waist snaps and let your dog step out for easy off.

Adjustable collar & snaps

Wide necks. Narrow backs. Broad chests.

We have all that covered.

Use our snaps, extenders, and side Velcro strips to create a comfortable fit for your pup.

Great for all types of indoor peeing

Light peeing. Behavioral marking. Heavy incontinence.

Our P-Suit® dog diapers can

handle all of these situations. 

Insert a winged, adhesive sanitary napkin or incontinence pad into the bottom piece of our dog diaper.

Eco-friendly & machine-washable

Simply replace your dog's sanitary napkin each time after your dog pees and after you clean your dog's belly with a baby wipe.

Only clean your dog's P-Suit® dog diaper as needed.

Use our complimentary velcro T-Bars to keep your garment from pilling while washing.

Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low.


Archie & Oliver from NY

(in 2018 Holiday Collection Tops)