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Cheeto & chankla

Just got their new P-Suits® today. They fit great. Super nice and light design. Thanks again for your fantastic customer service!"

- Cherie, FL



"The suits are a big hit for us, especially Bailey. He actually won’t pee in the suit. He has learned to hold it in until he’s let outside since he started wearing the suit!! This from a dog that was marking every corner he could find, and as you can see they fit them perfectly!


"I want to thank you again for the wonderful customer service, as well as this quality product!! It really works to stop my puppies from having accidents in the house. I couldn’t be more pleased and look forward to ordering different colors down the road. You have a very satisfied Canadian customer & fan!"


- Denise, ON


"The suit has been working out amazingly well. You’re really doing a big service to those of us who have dogs that leak a little or even a lot. Your diaper is the best diaper that’s out there. My dog gets to sleep in my bed and I never have to worry about her leaking on the sheets and mattress. And during the day, she can go about the house and lie down on our couches without any fear of spots ending up all over the place."


Cindy, CT



"We are loving our Barkitwear® diapers! Petunia is comfortable and there are no more accidents to clean up. Thank you!"


- Darlene, NC

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