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The Snappy P-Suit® dog diaper is our version of a belly band with suspenders. Only it’s made with a dog’s anatomy in mind.


This sporty version of the P-Suit® diaper helps manage your pet's behavioral peeing or incontinence issues while you're on the go or enjoying your pet at home. It is streamlined, easy to use, and comfortable on your pet. It also features the same adjustable easy on, easy off design found in our original diaper. 


The Snappy P-Suit® diaper uses no VELCRO. Our colorful snaps offer the same adjustability for your dog’s waist, neck and body length. We also work in a back panel that cushions your dog’s spine. 


What makes this diaper different from traditional belly bands and suspender diapers? Our patented, waterproof bottom design, which covers the dog’s entire undercarriage. This design not only ensures maximum coverage for behavioral and urinary issues, but also maximum comfort. Our escape-proof snap system also helps owners find the proper fit for their dogs.  


Before ordering, click here to follow our measuring instructions to find the best size for your dog. If you need help deciding which size to order, click here to e-mail us your dog's measurements and weight for further assistance.


Each P-Suit® dog diaper comes with one bottom piece. Our bottom pieces provide a waterproof barrier to prevent urine leakage while your dog wears the garment. They also absorb urine overflow in conjunction with winged, adhesive sanitary napkins. For sanitary napkins, we suggest Always Overnight-#4 with wings. Extra bottom pieces will allow you to continue using our P-Suit® dog diapers while cleaning any soiled bottom pieces as needed.


All of our dog diaper suits are machine washable with warm water and detergent. After cleaning, simply dry with a warm medium dryer setting.  We recommend pre-soaking your soiled bottoms before washing. We also advise not using fabric softener with this product.

Snappy P-Suit® Belly Band for Dogs Set - Navy & Orange (Starting at $37)

  • Size

    Body Length (in.)

    Neck (in.)

    Weight (lbs.)


    Up to 15.5 in.

    Up to 11.5 in.

    Up to 7.5 lbs.


    Up to 17.5 in.

    Up to 14.5 in.

    Up to 11 lbs.


    Up to 20 in.

    Up to 16.5 in.

    Up to 20 lbs.


    Up to 22.5 in.

    Up to 16.5 in.

    Up to 27 lbs.


    Up to 25 in.

    Up to 19.5 in.

    Up to 35 lbs.

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