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One pack. Three P-Suit® bottom pieces.


The P-Suit® bottom is the "diaper" portion of our P-Suit® dog diaper. It provides a waterproof barrier to prevent urine leakage while your dog wears the garment. It also absorbs urine overflow in conjunction with winged, adhesive sanitary napkins.


The P-Suit® bottom attaches to the P-Suit® top garment to form the P-Suit® dog diaper complete set. Our P-Suit® complete dog diaper sets, in conjunction with a winged disposable adhesive sanitary napkin, will help manage your pet's behavioral peeing or incontinence while you're on the go or enjoying your pet at home. 


Our P-Suit® bottom three-pack bundles contain three (3) bottom pieces for use with your P-Suit® diapers.

Extra bottom pieces will allow you to continue using our P-Suit® dog diapers while cleaning any soiled bottom pieces as needed. Using the proper disposable sanitary pad will also keep you from having to wash the bottom piece every time your dog pees. 


This component of the P-Suit® dog diaper only needs to be washed as needed. Before washing, use our Velcro tabs (included) to keep your garments from pilling during washing.


Must Be Used With a P-Suit® Top & Disposable Sanitary Napkin

P-Suit® Bottom Three-Pack Bundle (Starting at $64)

  • Size

    Body Length (in.)

    Neck (in.)

    Weight (lbs.)


    Up to 15.5 in.

    Up to 11.5 in.

    Up to 7.5 lbs.


    Up to 17.5 in.

    Up to 14.5 in.

    Up to 11 lbs.


    Up to 20 in.

    Up to 16.5 in.

    Up to 20 lbs.


    Up to 22.5 in.

    Up to 16.5 in.

    Up to 27 lbs.


    Up to 25 in.

    Up to 19.5 in.

    Up to 35 lbs.

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