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4 Pet Friendly Colleges That Allow Dogs in Dorms

By Eric Pesale

Whenever I think back to my college days–which for me concluded not too long ago–I always remember looking forward to coming home to see my family…especially the four-legged ones! In between classes or at night, my parents would occasionally send me pictures of the dogs sleeping around the house, or even Lola in her newest Halloween costume (which you just might see for yourself if you check back in a few days!), and it made me get excited about receiving that enthusiastic reaction pets give you when you return home. The constant doggie kissing, the fervent tail-wagging, the toys dropping at your feet for playtime. For me, such unconditional love from dogs is one of the best experiences to look forward to after a few months away from home!


As it turns out, however, students at some universities and colleges today don’t even need to wait for break to see their pets. For them, it’s more like right after class in their dorm rooms! I made this interesting discovery in the mailbox when I came across this college postcard addressed to my brother, who’s currently applying to various schools:

pet friendly colleges

Stestson University is among a handful of universities that allow students to bring pets on campus.

While most colleges do allow students to own small fish or service animals in campus housing, some pet-friendly colleges like Stetson University above allow you to bring in pet dogs as long as they meet certain requirements. U.S. News & World Report, in fact, has published a Top 10 list of the most pet-friendly colleges and universities in the United States. Some of the more dog-friendly options on the list include:


If only I was a freshman again…


Do you go to a pet-friendly college that allows dogs in dorms?  Even better, are you one of those students or a parent of one?  If so, share your stories with us!


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