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Introducing Our New P-Suit® Dog Diapers

By Cat Pesale


It’s here!  The newest version of the P-Suit® dog diaper.   We are happy to announce that we are selling the third version of our P-Suit in three vibrant colors! And at a lower price point!

What’s Different About Our New P-Suit® Dog Diapers

We have three great color choices for the P-Suit® Top Piece: orange, teal and bright green.  All three shirts are made with comfy cotton fabric and navy collars. The hand-set snaps you are used to are still part of our design.  We also use matching navy Velcro to complement the collar and snaps, and this color will also hide dirt.  These color combos, coupled with the sleeker, open sides, give our new P-Suit® dog diapers a sportier look.

The top piece, or shirt, no longer has front legs and the sides are cut out.  This allows for a sleeker, cooler look.  Your dog will be much more comfortable in, and for them will feel as if almost they’re wearing “no clothes.”

Two New Options for the P-Suit® Dog Diaper Bottom Piece


The bottom piece or belly liner comes in two options!  Our diaper option still has a  waterproof fabric and an absorbent layer inside. This version is very much what you are used to and is for the heavy marker and incontinent dog.  You need to use an overnight sanitary napkin or incontinent disposable pad. The only thing we changed to the NEW waterproof liner is we no longer use an elastic casing around the legs.  We find it still does the job and is more comfortable for your dog.  The color is navy to match the new top.

The second option is new!  It is our underwear or lite option. It is an all cotton liner that attaches the same way.  We use waterproof fabric on the pockets only to hold the sanitary pad.  No waterproof fabric on the belly.  This version needs a light disposable sanitary napkin.  It is for light marking and small accidents only.  It is lighter and cooler for dogs who do not need that extra protective, waterproof barrier.  The cotton underwear lite comes in matching fabrics in all three colors!

New Streamlined Size Chart

Our size chart is easy.  You no longer need four measurements to find your dog’s size—we’ve cut this down to two!  Much like before, you’d need to start with measuring your dog’s body length with a flex tape. To find this measurement, you would need to start mid-chest and measure over the arm, down one side, and end at mid-tail.  This measurement gives us the body length plus the girth of your dog.  WE DO NOT USE THE BACK MEASUREMENT. The body length measurement will determine whether your dog needs a size XS, S, M, L, XL or 2XL.

Next, measure your dog’s neck.  If your dog’s neck measurement is within the range of the size needed on the size chart, you are all set–order that size.  If your dog’s neck measurement does not fit into the range listed for that size, you need to buy our new neck and waist extender kit.  These extenders attach to the collar and waist and open up the back of the dog diaper, allowing extra room.  To give you an idea of how they work, we’ve included a picture of our size medium on our chihuahua Eddy without extenders, along with a picture of the same size medium on our pug Lola with extenders:


Size M, without extenders, on a 15-lb. chihuahua


Size M, with extenders, on a 20 lb. pug

These extenders must be purchased for those of you who received one of our “-2” sizes. We used to sell S-2, M-2, L-2, XL-2 and 2XL-2 sizes for certain dogs and breeds. With our extender pack, we no longer need “-2” sizes. Simply order one of our stock sizes, and order the extender pack to accommodate your “-2” dog. We’ve also debuted new body length extenders, which are appropriate for dogs whose body length measurements are at the higher end of their size on our size chart. These extenders are sold separately from our neck & waist extender kit.

We Are Constantly Making Changes to Improve Our Dog Diapers

We love this new suit, especially for dogs who do not like to be in clothes.  The new P-Suit® dog diaper design is more streamlined and does not have front legs anymore.  Your dog will continue to feel free moving around.  You will have the peace of mind that the suit stays on thanks to the same adjustable velcro strips on the chest and both sides.  The hand-set snaps on the collar and the back provide the same easy-on, easy-off ability.  The snaps on the tail help adjust the body length.  This newer version is also cooler for your dog due to not having the sides covered and front leg openings.

We also wanted to provide a cooler underwear option. This option is better for our customers’ dogs who are not incontinent and do not mark heavily.  We are also able to provide the underwear in matching fun colors!

The waterproof diaper bottom piece has one difference. It no longer has an elastic casing under the back legs. This will help not rub up against the dog and allow more air to come in from under the sides.

Lastly, we are trying to bring down our costs so that we can pass that on to you!  We will continue to look for ways to help with savings. These changes help with our production costs and it will help with your pocketbook. This is an important issue is to us and we want it to be more affordable without compromising the quality.  Our product is made very well.  We include a velcro T-Bar to wash your bottom piece with so that it will help protect the fabric and last longer.  We will never compromise on quality!  You are buying a well made garment that should last you many months with continued daily use!

We would love to hear from you and see pictures of your beautiful fur babies in their P-Suit® dog diapers!


See How Easy It is to Live Pee-Free

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