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Managing Old Dog Incontinence in Senior Dogs

By Cat Pesale

managing old dog incontinence

If you have read my blog posts, you know about my dogs and their dog incontinence and territorial marking issues. That is why I developed the P-Suit® dog diaper. My oldest dog, Godzilla is four months shy of 17 years! He is like a clock; he gets up and gets your attention when it’s time to eat. When he has to pee and it’s not time to go out, he will stand in front of us and lean into his diaper. He lets us know he needs changing. He has four beds in one room. His day is about walking to each bed throughout the day to rest in. It’s quite funny to watch. 

managing dog incontinence

Godzilla (r.) naps on one of his many beds in his Pee Suit® dog nappies for incontinence. Our pug Lola (l.) likes to nap with him.

Within the past 2 years, he lost control over his bladder and is unable to wait for his scheduled potty breaks. We take him and his pack out 4-5 times a day. I am not surprised to find his Tena® overnight pad completely soaked when we take him outside. I thought at first that it was his steroid medication. This type of medication will make the dog drink more and make him need to go to the bathroom more than usual. I was happy that we had the option of the P-Suit® dog diaper for Zilla. I needed to switch from an overnight sanitary napkin to an incontinent pad. This would help with excess of peeing. I found the Tena overnight pad #5 to work the best for him. I had to bunch up the front of the pad a bit in the front of the waterproof bottom piece, but it fit and worked for helping with his dog incontinence!

Making Decisions on my Senior Dog’s Health and Dog Incontinence

We have had a couple of close calls with Zilla in regards to his health. I don’t want him to suffer. My vet monitors him. 


In addition to having dog incontinence, Godzilla has arthritis and struggles with getting up from his bed. Once he starts walking, it’s interesting to see how he uses his body and head to get into a “rhythm”. His right front foot turns inward and his right back leg drags a bit. He can not do stairs, up or down. Sometimes I find him standing in one place, staring at a wall. I know he has struggled with hearing for over a couple of years now. He would go into such a sound sleep that I would pick him up to go out and his body would be limp. There were many times I would cry, thinking he had passed in his sleep. My vet realized that his hearing was going and he would be in a sound sleep because he could not hear!

pee suit old dog incontinence

Recently, we rushed him to the vet because of an abscess on his neck. It had gotten infected and looked pretty bad. I prepared myself for the worst and even told my adult children this could be his time. Our vet treated him and saw how bad he was with not being able to walk outside by himself and how weak he looked. The doctor called me to the back room where Zilla was and closed the door. I knew that he was going to tell me it was time. Before the doctor could get the words out, I opened Zilla’s crate and placed him on the floor. Zilla started hopping and running around. I saw my vet’s jaw drop and he was, well, speechless. 

Not time. Not now anyway. Godzilla’s not ready.

I struggle with my dog’s health and if he is in pain. I do believe that I will know when it is time to say goodbye.

Having Peace of Mind Living with Dog Incontinence


Godzilla (r.), our incontinent dog, relaxes in his Pee Suit® dog diapers with our other chihuahua, Eddy (l.)

What I love about my senior incontinent dog is that he can be a senior incontinent dog. His P-Suit® dog diaper is so comfortable for him. Even with his arthritis, it allows him free movement. He can walk where he wants to, eat, sleep, drink and relieve himself with no stress.

Using the P-Suit® dog diaper is allowing us to have Zilla live out his senior years the way he wants to. We care for him, and we make sure his pad is dry. He still goes outside with the rest of the pack and I am always amazed how much he will pee outside. I have to clean his belly with a baby wipe after we change him. I still don’t understand why he pees his diaper and still pees so much outside.

I can have the peace of mind that my dog is doing the best he can. He goes from bed to bed. He is able to enjoy his home and his family and I don’t have to worry about when and where he needs to relieve himself. I know that he will let us know when it is his time, but for now, it’s not. For now, Godzilla is living out his life doing what he loves to do and we love watching him do it. 

I have a wish for those of you who are dealing with dog incontinence in senior dogs. My wish is that you are able to watch your beloved dog live out their life the way they want to. That you can enjoy them without having to worry about their dog incontinence. I hope that our P-Suit® dog diaper can help.


See How Easy It is to Live Pee-Free

Old dog incontinence is a natural issue that many aging dogs face.  Our Pee Suit® dog diapers can help streamline this transition and better manage your old dog's incontinence

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